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July 2007

July 30, 2007

IA Konferenz Review Phase begonnen
Nach interessanten Vortrags-Einreichungen beginnt für unser IA Konferenz Committee nun die Review Phase. Das nun folgende Auswertungssystem nutzt eine qualitative... Read more >

July 28, 2007

Peter Morville Speaks before Packed Second Life Amphitheater
The IA Summit Second Life Redux series continues with another great turnout and another great presentation. Peter Morville's "Information Architecture... Read more >

July 27, 2007

Nominations are Open for 2007-2009 Board of Directors
August is always an important month here at the IAI because it's also election time. This year, you (you are... Read more >

July 23, 2007

Summit Redux a Hit in Second Life
Andrew Hinton's "Architectures for Conversation: What Communities of Practice Can Mean for Information Architecture" was the IAI's inaugural event on its new Second Life island. Read more >

July 09, 2007

IA Konferenz: Verlängerung Call for Papers
Aufgrund mehrer Anfragen von Rednern, die ihr Paper in der kurzen Frist nicht einreichen konnten, wurde der Call for Papers... Read more >