AIfIA announces 2004 Goals

January 09, 2004 08:56 PM

After discussing key topics with the Advisory Board and conducting a Member Survey, the Board of Directors has developed AIfIA Goals 2004 (PDF) which presents our goals and objectives for 2004, and includes detailed lists of active and proposed projects.

For complete details, see AIfIA Goals 2004 (PDF)

Goals (Excerpt)

We enter 2004 with ambitious plans that build upon the successes of our first full year of operation (Annual Report, 2002-2003). We intend to build the practice (share tools, research, and best practices), explain the value (articulate the importance of IA to business, government, education, and our colleagues), and focus on members (further develop members-only services and benefits) in that order of priority.

In the following sections, you’ll see what we’re already doing to advance these goals (active projects) and you’ll learn about several ideas that will require new leadership to become real projects (ideas without leaders).

If you’d like to help make one of these projects happen in 2004, please let us know by sending email to

About AIfIA

The Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (AIfIA) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to advancing and promoting information architecture.