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7 Frequently Asked Questions on Card Sorting
by Donna Spencer (6/13/2012)
Subject: Card Sorting, Information Architecture - Practices
Language: English
Abstract: These frequently asked questions are found in Card Sorting - Designing Usable Categories by Donna Spencer. You will find great examples and more detailed explanations to these questions and other card sorting related issues in the book.

Card sorting: a definitive guide
by Donna Maurer, Todd Warfel (4/7/2004)
Subject: Card Sorting
Language: English
Abstract: An in-depth explanation of using card-sorting as a technique to identify information categories and labels.

Card sorting: una guida definitiva
by Donna Maurer, Todd Warfel (4/7/2004)
Subject: Card Sorting
Language: English
Abstract: This article provides a detailed description of the basic card sorting technique, with some focus on using the technique for more complex sites. This article does not cover some issues such as the use of online tools.
Note: Original in English

Definicja Architektury Informacji
by Jesse James Garrett, Donna Maurer, Peter Morville, Todd Warfel (11/14/2002)
Subject: Card Sorting, Conferences & Meetings, Information Architecture - Practices, Information Architecture - Theory, Information Science
Language: Polish
Abstract: Discusses the launch of the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture (now the Information Architecture Institute) and presents definitions and resources.
Note: Original article in English.
Available Translations:
English at

Finding IA at the Enterprise Search Summit – Part 2
by Shari Thurow (8/8/)
Subject: Card Sorting, Information Architecture - Practices, Search Technology
Language: English
Abstract: In May 2011, Shari Thurow and Noreen Whysel attended Enterprise Search Summit East on a quest to discover the role of information architecture in Enterprise Search. Read on to discover how the enterprise search community is embracing information architecture theory and practices. Part 2 in a series of two articles.

Keyword Classification: Understanding The "Why" Of SEO
by Shari Thurow (6/6/2012)
Subject: Card Sorting, Information Architecture - Practices, Searching
Language: English
Abstract: Keyword classification is often the missing ingredient in SEO plans. Without understanding the reasons why people search, search engine optimizers will often misinterpret or improperly classify keyword phrases. How do we understand the why part of the optimization process?


Card Sorting
by Donna Spencer (4/2009)
Subject: Card Sorting, Information Architecture - Practices, User Testing
Language: English
Abstract: Card sorting helps us understand how people think about content and categories. Armed with this knowledge, we can group information so that people can better find and understand it. In this book, Donna describes how to plan and run a card sort, then analyse the results and apply the outcomes to your project.
Note: Spencer, D. (2009). Card Sorting. Brooklyn, N.Y.: Rosenfeld Media. Book, e-book and PDF.

Card Sorting
by Gautier Barrére, Eric Mazzone (3/2012)
Subject: Card Sorting
Language: Français
Abstract: Le secret d'une architecture de l'information réussie ! Trop souvent dans un projet web ou logiciel, on se rend compte au moment de l'organisation du contenu que l'on se répète, que la hiérarchie n'est pas fluide. Que faire alors pour définir les bonnes rubriques ? Comment employer des titres pertinents et organiser les informations afin que l'utilisateur trouve rapidement et facilement ce qu'il cherche ? A défaut de pouvoir entrer dans la tête de l'utilisateur pour comprendre sa logique, adoptez la technique du Card Sorting (tri de cartes), afin de l'impliquer dans la conception d'une architecture de l'information efficace ! Voici le livre qu'il vous faut pour apprendre à mettre en place cette technique d'ergonomie, phase par phase, en évitant les écueils, grâce aux conseils avisés et retours d'expérience concrets des deux auteurs.

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IA Classics in Comic Book Form PDF Document
by Dan Willis
Subject: Card Sorting, Personas, Site Blueprints
Language: English
Abstract: Illustrations are used in presenting classic IA tools such as sitepath diagramming, topic mapping, free listing, card sorting, and personas.
Note: This links to a PDF document.

WebCAT Category Analysis Tool
Subject: Card Sorting, Software, Tools & Technology
Language: English
Abstract: The Web Category Analysis Tool (WebCAT) is a variation on traditional card sorting techniques that allows a web designer/usability engineer to test a proposed or existing categorization scheme of a website to determine how well the categories and items are understood by users.
Note: WebCAT is a tool in the Web Metrics Testbed developed at NIST.

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