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Boxes and Arrows: Defining Information Architecture Deliverables
by Christina Wodtke (2001)
Subject: Guidelines & Best Practices
Language: English
Abstract: This article looks at the seven typical deliverable produced as documentation by an information architect. Deliverables covered include the conceptual model, content inventory and organization, user flows/scenarios, task analysis, site map, page architecture, and decision tables. For each, Christina provides an explanation, an example and a brief description of who uses it during the design process and when.

Information Architecture Defined
by Christina Wodtke (12/12/2000)
Subject: Information Architecture - General
Language: English
Abstract: A simple, colloquial explanation of IA, in the quirky eleganthack style. Interesting for the "west coast IA" sitemaps and wireframes approach, which would eventually be much more tightly and richly defined later. A period piece.

Mind your phraseology!: Using controlled vocabularies to improve findability
by Christina Wodtke (8/13/2002)
Subject: Controlled Vocabularies
Language: English
Abstract: Describes what a controlled vocabulary is at its most general, and describes different types of vocabularies. Illustrates how controlled vocabularies and metadata are related. Includes many examples from the web.

The Elements of Style for Designers
by Christina Wodtke (7/24/2006)
Subject: Standards & Guidelines, Writing for the Web
Language: English
Abstract: What if E.B. White had written "Hanging Commas 99% Bad" instead of a gentle list of reminders for young writers? Wodtke outlines how his list of 22 reminders for writing can be just what young designers need.
Note: Boxes and Arrows

Unraveling the Mysteries of Metadata and Taxonomies
by Samantha Bailey, Christina Wodtke (4/2002)
Subject: Classification, Information Retrieval
Language: English
Abstract: Samantha Bailey, formerly at Argus and current lead IA for Wachovia Corporation's website, talks about the transition from being a consultant to an "innie" IA, unravels the mysteries of metadata and taxonomies and shares her vision of the future of IA.

Blogs, Columns and Journals

elegant hack
by Christina Wodtke
Subject: Experience Design, Information Architecture - General
Language: English
Abstract: " is a one-person website devoted to exploring and furthering the emerging art of user experience design and information architecture on the web."


Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web
by Christina Wodtke (2002)
Subject: Information Architecture - General, Process & Techniques, User Centered Design
Language: English
Abstract: This book introduces the core concepts of information architecture: organizing web site content for findability, designing pleasant web site interactions, and creating an easy to use interface. This book aims to teach the information architecture skills necessary to avoid making costly mistakes. It is intended for everyone that works with information architecture including designers, programmers, and project managers.

Presentations and Podcasts

Case Study: Digital Web Redesign PDF Document
by Christina Wodtke (4/12/2006)
Subject: Case Studies, Information Architecture - Practices, Process & Techniques
Language: English
Abstract: Christina Wodtke produced this set of deliverables--personas, conceptual model, site map and wireframes--for the Digital Web redesign in 2002. Christina Wodtke, Digital Web Redesign Digital Web Redesign (3.3 MB)
Note: IA Tools

Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web Microsoft PowerPoint Document
by Tom Wailes, Christina Wodtke (10/2003)
Subject: Information Architecture - General
Language: English
Abstract: Presentation originally given at UIE 8, Christina Wodtke and Tom Wailes (then employees of Yahoo!) presented an overview of the core Information Architecture concepts from requirements gathering through controlled vocabularies and finishing up with search.
Note: This links to a Microsoft PowerPoint document.


Case Study: Digital Web Redesign PDF Document
by Christina Wodtke
Subject: Design, Disciplines, Experience Design, Tools & Technology
Language: English

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