The Institute is operated by a dedicated, multi-national group of people volunteering their own time and resources to advance the field.

2014-2015 Elected Board of Directors

The 2014-2015 Board of Directors will begin their term in April. Please join us at the IA Summit in San Diego where we will host our 2014 Annual Members Meeting and introduce the new board!

Read the full Board of Directors Biographies.

Abby Covert, President
New York, NY, USA

Daniel Romano, Treasurer
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Rhonda Ranney, Secretary
Wallingford, CT, USA

Kate Wilhelm, Membership Director
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Judy Siegel, Development Director
Atlanta, GA, USA

Erin Stratos, Programming and Events Director
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Cassandra Moore, Strategic Planning and Projects Director
Washington, DC, USA

Development & Operations

Read the full Staff Biographies.

Tim Bruns, Membership Coordinator

Noreen Whysel, Operations Advisor

Bev Corwin, Co-Founder, Development Advisor

Advisory Board

The 2014-2015 Advisory Board selection is pending a strategic planning session of the Board of Directors.


To learn more about the origins of the Information Architecture Institute and the people who started the organization, read our 2002-2003 Annual Report and visit our permanent listing of Our Founders and their roles.

Michael Angeles, USA
Samantha Bailey, USA
Dan Brown, USA
Bev Corwin, USA
Dr. Andrew Dillon, USA
Karl Fast, USA
Jesse James Garrett, USA
Madonnalisa Gonzales-Chan, USA
Margaret Hanley, United Kingdom
Andrew Hinton, USA
Keith Instone, USA
Livia Labate, USA
Gunnar Langemark, Denmark
Jeff Lash, USA
Victor Lombardi, USA
Erin Malone, USA
Jess McMullin, Canada
Marcia Morante, USA
Peter Morville, USA
Lou Rosenfeld, USA
Eric Scheid, Australia
Rashmi Sinha, USA
Peter Van Dijck, Belgium
Thomas Vander Wal, USA
Javier Velasco, Chile
Todd Wilkens, USA
Shane Winegard, USA
Christina Wodtke, USA
John Zapolski, USA

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