Business Model Canvas

IA Institute Business Model Canvas: We Need Your Help!

As a part of the conversation started at the Annual General Meeting in New Orleans, the Board is entertaining new ideas for how the IA Institute operates and how its business and revenue models work. We are using the Business Model Canvas framework (more info here) and are looking for fresh ideas about all the elements included in the framework.

Take a few moments and help craft the future of the IAI. Also, tell your friends!

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1. Download the IA Institute Business Model Canvas to see our current key relationships and activities. We have created versions for PDF, Visio and Graffle.

PDF (.PDF 630Kb)
Visio (.VDX 71.8Mb) (.ZIP version 740Kb)
Graffle (.ZIP 875Kb)

2. Send us your ideas either by editing the file and sending it to us at or by visiting our LinkedIn Discussion.

3. Discuss, debate and explore all of the ideas submitted at LinkedIn. And remember to check back frequently to see and comment on ideas from our community.

Think of this exercise as an IDEA Forum. As you review the Business Model Canvas, feel free to suggest partners, activities or other viable revenue streams. You can comment on or "like" ideas submitted by other members that appeal to you. You can also explain why you feel an idea would or would not be in the Institute's best interest.

We will read everyone's ideas. As a member of our community, your thoughts and suggestions are critical to the advancement of our mission and our field. We can't wait to see what this amazing, intelligent community comes up with.

For more information about how we got to this exercise, please review the following materials.


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