IA Summit

IA Summit 2013, April 3-7, Baltimore, MD, USA

3-7 April 2013
Baltimore, MD, USA

Pre-conference sessions: 3-4 April 2013
Conference: 5-7 April 2013
Conference hotel: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront, Baltimore, MD, USA.

The IA Summit is the primary event for those redefining strategy and structure in support of cross-channel systems and user experiences. The 13th IA Summit will be jointly presented by ASIS&T and the IA Institute.

The Summit is, above all, a community gathering. It is organized, planned and realized by volunteers across the information architecture and related communities of practice, with the kind support and backing from ASIS&T, and attended by people of all backgrounds with an interest to learn and share the lessons, challenges and opportunities presented in today's digital landscape.

You donít have to be an IA or User Experience professional to enjoy the Summit. You simply have to love the art and science of structuring information.

The Institute takes advantage of the occasion of the Summit each year to hold its annual members meeting. This meeting will take place on Saturday, April 6 at 6:30 at the Marriott Waterfront hotel.

IA Institute members get $100 off main conference registration. Enter "IAI" and your member # and register at the Member rate. If you have forgotten your IAI member number, log into the Member Centerto view your record.


Our mailing list will let you know when to submit your proposal and other crucial details about the 2013 conference. Join to get the facts and official announcements. Weíve also formed a Google Group to continue exploring the amazing ideas shared in the IA Summit Community.


Your time is precious. Use it to make a difference for your professional community. Volunteer for the IA Summit.


Maybe you attended the IA Summit in 2012. Or maybe you didnít. Either way, we want your feedback. Tell us what you think.

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