WebVisions New York

18-20 January 2012
New York, NY, USA



WebVisions is a nationally recognized conference that explores the future of web and mobile design, technology, UX and business strategy. WebVisions is a community driven event with an Indie/DIY/Getting Things Done attitude that started in Portland, Oregon way back in 2001. We feature a fabulous lineup of visionary speakers and offer some great activities to promote networking and collaboration.

WebVisions New York is being held from 18-20 January 2012 at the Hudson Hotel in midtown Manhattan. WebVisions takes the show to NYC for workshops and sessions by leading web, mobile, UX, DIY and strategy experts. In addition to the eventís Indie/DIY/Maker goodness, WebVisions is kicking off the premiere of the second season of IFCís "Portlandia" television series.

Register at http://www.webvisionsevent.com/new-york/register/ and be sure to identify your association membership when prompted. IA Institute Members receive 14.4% off registration.

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