ark Group IA Masterclass

Facilitator Iain Barker
24-25 March 2010

Information architecture is about structuring, organising and labelling information on websites and intranets. It is used to decide how a site should be structured, what kind of content it should include, and how to accommodate its future growth. Information architecture is the foundation of successful interactive products; it is the “design behind the design”.

Taking an outside-in approach, this two-day hands-on masterclass explains how to effectively engage users in the development of the information architecture, so you have confidence that your products and services not only meet your business requirements, but also satisfy the real needs of the people that use them.

The course covers topics such as:
*Card sorting and other methods of user and stakeholder engagement
*Prototyping, usability testing and iterative design
*Designing and documenting a robust and flexible information architecture

If you’re in the process of developing something new or fed up with the ad-hoc organic growth of your website, intranet, application or any other kind of interactive product, this course will prove invaluable.

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