Second Life IA Summit Redux: Session Three

Friday, August 3 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time
Info Architecture island

Search Engine Optimization and Information Architecture presentation in Second LifeHow often did you use a search engine today? Teresa of Avila could have been speaking of search engines when she said there are more tears wept over answered prayers.

Search engines complicate AND complement our relationship with the Web. There is so much more than we can imagine going on behind the simple box, and it is changing fast. Marianne Sweeny takes us through what is going on behind the scenes of today's search technology, what is in the pipeline for tomorrow's search technology and how information architects can work with this technology to create optimal online wayfinding systems.

For information contact Naomi Malone (Eirene Janus in Second Life) at nmalone@tampabay.

Upcoming Sessions:
TBD Thom Haller "Clear and Useful Content"
TBD Jason Hobbs "Communal Computing"
TBD Matthew Milan and Sam Ladner "Backcasting"

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