SL IA Summit Redux: Session Two

Friday, July 27 at 12:00 noon Pacific Time
Info Architecture island

Peter Morville's "Information Architecture 3.0" was offered at the 2007 IA Summit as a pre-conference workshop. Peter will be delivering a 60 minute version -- for free -- on the IAI's Info Architecture island.

In this seminar Peter draws upon stories, examples, case studies, and discussions to explore the future present of information architecture. This discussion is designed to help us reconcile the timeless principles of design and organization with new transmedia models of interaction, co-creation, tagging, and user participation.

For information contact Naomi Malone (Eirene Janus in Second Life) at nmalone@tampabay.

Upcoming Sessions:
Aug 3, 12 noon Pacific, Marianne Sweeny "Search Engine Optimization"
TBD Thom Haller "Clear and Useful Content"
TBD Jason Hobbs "Communal Computing"
TBD Matthew Milan and Sam Ladner "Backcasting"

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