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IA Institute Calendar of Events

The Information Architecture Institute organizes a variety of events, including conferences, workshops and informal Face 2 Face (F2F) meetings to foster discussion and professional networking. In addition, we sponsor events that are organized by Our Partners.

Upcoming Events

IA Summit 2014
[March 26, 2014]
26-30 March 2014
San Diego, CA, USA

Information Architecture Essentials
[March 26, 2014]
26 March 2014
San Diego, CA, USA

School Leadership Summit
[March 27, 2014]
Online Webinar

Teaching Information Architecture The 2nd Academics and Practitioners Round Table
[March 27, 2014]
San Diego, CA, USA

IA Institute Annual Members' Meeting
[March 30, 2014]
San Diego, CA, USA

ClickZ Live
[March 31, 2014]
31 March to 2 April, 2014
New York, NY, USA

WebVisions NYC
[April 03, 2014]
3-4 April 2014
New York, NY, USA

Computers in Libraries
[April 07, 2014]
7-9 April 2014
Washington, DC, USA

WebVisions Portland
[May 07, 2014]
7-9 May 2014
Portland, OR, USA

LX: User Experience Lisbon
[June 04, 2014]
4-6 June 2014
Lisbon, Portugal

GIANT Conference
[June 11, 2014]
Charleston, SC, USA
11-14 June 2014

WebVisions Barcelona
[June 19, 2014]
19-21 June 2014
Barcelona, Spain

UXPA 2014 Conference
[July 21, 2014]
21-24 July 2014
London, UK

WebVisions Chicago
[September 25, 2014]
25-26 September 2014
Chicago, IL, USA

WebVisions Berlin
[October 24, 2014]
24-25 October 2014
Berlin, Germany